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This is our Big Little Story.

Red Dust is proud to present Big Little Brush — a social enterprise where the things you buy help fund the programs we run together with remote Indigenous Communities in Australia.

The really bad news: every plastic toothbrush ever made still exists today. So, what makes a toothbrush eco-friendly? Well that’s the good news.

Our brushes are made from bamboo and nylon 4, which means they'll only take about a year to break down instead of 600.

The solution is simple, by swapping to a bamboo toothbrush, together we can make the world a better place.
For Every person
Access to primary health care is a fundamental human right. That is why every big little brush purchased contributes directly to supporting health and hygiene projects in remote communities.

Our profits support Red Dust health promotion programs. Overall health outcomes contribute to improvements in education, workplace participation and the overall global economy.

Biodegradble Beautiful bamboo goodness.


It all started with a busted wisdom tooth that soon turned into an agonising toothache — and after putting it off — eventually a dentist's bill.

It wasn’t access to health care or lack of education that stopped me from getting treatment. It was apathy. I’d let my health and quality of life deteriorate, because I knew I had a safety net. I ignored the issue for as long as it suited me.


I realised that the outcome of my story would have been very different if I lived in a developing country, or even a remote community here in Australia.

Thankfully, there is research that suggests fixing the oral health of the  most vulnerable communities in the world could have a significant positive impact on the overall outcomes for their nations.


For most of us, owning a toothbrush feels like a given —but the icky plastic ones pretty much always end up in landfill — and take up to 600 years to break down. So we decided to create a beautiful and sustainable brush that also helps to give a little back.

The right resources paired with some good education, can prevent dental issues before they even occur. With your help, we can use little brushes to do big things.

We all buy toothbrushes. However, generic plastic toothbrushes pretty much always end up in landfill — and never break down. So we decided to create sustainable, beautiful toothbrushes that also help the less fortunate.
— Joel Hanna, Co-founder, big little brush
Some things we care about most are: our planet, our home, your teeth.